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Big Game Argentina

HUNTING ARGENTINADucks+Partridge+Hare+Dove and Big Game Hunts are available in 2017, bird hunting, dove hunting all year, greater or big game fishing. Visit our

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Argentina Dreams Lodge is located approximately 3 hours north of the city of Buenos Aires, in the province of Entre Rios and the city of Villa Elisa. Here, in the fields of hunting at the ranch it is possible to hunt troopsits of different species in a single day, and in many cases they are trophies of excellent quality.

You will have the opportunity to hunt Red Deer, Wafter Buffalo, Wild Boar, Blackbuck Antelope, Deer, Axis Deer, Wild Goat, Wild Sheep, Mountain Sheep and Dorset Ram. All programs are tailor made and all inclusive systems.

For those interested in hunting Red Deer, you should know that usually occurs from March 15 to August 20 which is early autumn in Argentina.

We recommend booking 8 to 12 month in advance to ensure a place during prime time.

Hunting is done in closed and open places for the buffalo and goats.

Hunting Program:

4 Days of Hunting

Big Game

Trophy fees

1 Water Buffalo (Bubalus Bubal): $

Feral Goat: $

1 Antilope: $

Red Stag $

Ram $

Dorset Ram $

Concepts Including:

  • All Drinks Meals
  • Personalized Guides
  • First Preparation of the Trophy
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation at the Lodge


  • Air flight tickets
  • Lodging and meals before and after the safari.
  • Hunting License $
  • Ammunition.
  • Packing administration of trophies and export out of Argentina.
  • Trophy and Taxidermy
  • Life and Medical Insurance and others personals items.
  • Gratuities (tips).

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