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Golden fishing in

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Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus):

Our emblematic fish is the Dorado, of river or Tiger of the rivers as we know it, it is a salmonid, Salminus brasiliensis. The nearest destination is 45 minutes from the city, it is Ciudad de Tigre. The largest are not fished but there is a variety of fish. The other options are Rio Parana, 4 hours from Buenos Aires, and the Rio Uruguay also 4 hours, the latter with possibilities to fish the largest in the country. In addition there are other species such as tararira, piranha, pacu all species that can be fished with fly. Very sporty.


It has sharp teeth and a spectacular jaw that it uses as a hunting weapon. It is called golden because of the gold color of its scales and it is also known as the Paraná tiger, due to the extraordinary strength with which it resists fishing. It can weigh more than 20 kg and can measure up to 12 dm. It is a natural and aggressive predator, jumps very high and before being caught, offers a formidable fight where strong shakes are conjugated. It is also characterized by being a good swimmer, it prefers waters of strong currents, where it finds good quantities of oxygen and better chances of hunting and finding food. They can reach 14 years of age.


The different modalities with which the fisher counts are the fly, spining, trolling, or with baits. Although the gold usually consumes everything that is offered, both natural and artificial baits. Fishing can be done, both in low places and in the waters of Paraná (which reaches ten meters deep) and the same results are obtained.
The river grown, the cloudy or clear water does not hinder fishing, since this animal adapts easily. In sport fishing, there is no other fish that offers a fight as hard as gold. The fight between the fisherman and his prey usually lasts long minutes of adrenaline and tension.

Dorado fishing is considered one of the best and most famous worldwide due to the emotion it generates and the beauty of the coveted prey.


Located in the delta of the Uruguay River, in the province of Entre Ríos, you will have the opportunity to search for  freshwater Dorado by navigating a great river, wide, bordering Uruguay, trying to catch this combative fish. Fly fishing is the most popular type of fishing, but fishing with spin and live bait are also allowed.

El Dorado Salminus Maxillosus or «the Tiger of Paraná»

It is a very aggressive fish in sport fishing. Although El Dorado can reach 30 pounds, the average size in this area has been between 4 and 12 pounds, but there are also larger ones. The freshwater Dorado is considered the most challenging native freshwater hunting fish in South America. It is a radiant fish, golden in color, similar to salmon, with an extremely powerful jaw and sharp teeth like knives. Unlike salmon, however, El Dorado does not succumb after spawning and never swims to the ocean. El Dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer. The world record is 70 pounds.

Travel time from the center of the city of Buenos Aires to the hunting area 4 hours.

ACCOMMODATIONS , spa hotel with hot springs


2 pax dollars per day

INCLUDES:*Lodging in cabin with private bathroom

* breakfast, meals on fishing days, soft drinks and beer, typical dinner served with Salta wines, bilingual guide, transportation to and from fishing places, transfers.

*Services of fishing, boat, Fuel, Baits

* Hotel


• Air flight ticket

• Lodging and meals before and after the fishing trip.

• Telephone calls (local or international).

• Fishing License.

• Rent of personal equipment.

• Life and medical secures and others personals items.

• Gratuities (tips).

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