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Welcome the new high volume dove shooting destination in Argentina!!!


Only 3 hours from the International Airport of Buenos Aires, place of millions of doves that live and nest in the region. It is the perfect place for an exciting shooting experience of large volume doves.

Argentina Dreams Lodge is geographically located 340 kms to the north. With the best Argentinean meat and complemented by carefully selected Argentinian wines. We assure you that from the moment of your arrival, the service is personalized and attention is paid to every imaginable detail, which makes this pigeon shooting program difficult to overcome.

The lodge has around 10 shooting fields which are at walking distance within our own property, or at a short drive through the region’s rich farmland. The overwhelming amount of birds flying restlessly all day long ensures great opportunities for non-stop shooting suitable for all skill levels. Beginners have an unparalleled chance for improving their shooting skills aiming at low flying doves, while more experienced shooters find higher and faster targets quite a challenge. An average hunter may expect to shoot between 2 to 4 cases a day, and there is No Bag Limit!

Wake up call is generally around 7:30am, and the shooting begins after a hearty breakfast. You will shoot until noon when you will be treated to an incredible lunch at the lodge, tasting some of Argentina’s wonderful beef and superb wines. Afternoon shoot begins at around 2:30 and continues until almost dark.

With the shooting fields at walking distance from the lodge, dove shooting will never be the same.


You will shoot more and travel less.

Here, in the fields of hunting at the ranch usual to hunt more than a trophy of different species in a single day, in many cases the trophies of excellence.

You will have the opportunity to hunt red deer, water buffalo, wild boar, Blackbuck antelope, deer, Axis deer, wild goat, wild sheep, mountain sheep and Dorset Ram. All programs are tailor made and all inclusive system.

For those interested to hunt for red deer rut, you should know that usually participates from March 15th to August 20th, this means the early autumn. We recommend booking 8 to 12 month in advance to ensure a place in prime time.


The hostel has 3 double rooms with private bathroom. They also have a large dining area and a lounge with fireplace where you can relax and enjoy a drink after dinner. The ranch, with special features, offering a first class service bar open 24 hours a day.



The recommended package is 4 hunting days .


It Includes:

  • Accommodation in double occupancy room with private bath, breakfast, lunch, soft drinks and beer,
  • typical dinner served with first class Argentina wines,
  • transfer in / out from the lodge to the airport,
  • a hunting guide per hunter, skinning and preparation trophy.