Big game in Argentina

Big game in Argentina

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Patagonia Tent Camp will provide quite a wild challenge when adventuring deep into valleys and mountains, in search of the best trophies. Joined by expert guides and in search of magnificent free range Red Stag.

The outfitter provides different hunting’s means in order to meet the demands of each hunter, all at arms length. In our hunting fields the animals are free in their natural environment (no high fence) since they were introduced at the beginning of the last century. Argentina is one of the most important big game destinations around the world, with trophies of excellence.

A truly wild program for the most adventurous and nature lovers. During the weekly hunting period, hunter will camp out in the mountain, inside the Patagonian forests, spending 24 hours in the company of our guides and wild animals. Subject to weather conditions.

If your goal is to enjoy the red stag hunting and Patagonian fauna and to be in contact with the wilderness, this is definitely the best alternative.

In addition to the red stag hunt, Quail hunt and Hare hunt is available in the same area too.


Red Stag: March 1st – April 30th


Tent camp in the mountains during at least 5 days. You will have no shower but yes all the amenities to spend a great adventure time. Typical camp food will be prepared including the traditional Argentina «asado» BBQ. Wine, beer, liquors and refreshments will be available 24hs.The base camp will be set up in a strategic area previously selected by the head guide. Horses and helpers will assist you during all the trip, together with the hunting guide.


The recommended package is 7 hunting days / 7 nights.


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Minimum 2 hunters


The hunting area is located at 1100 miles from Buenos Aires. It is accessible by domestic flights to Bariloche airport, where members of the staff will be waiting to drive you to the ranch. Domestic and private flights can be arranged.


The weather is cold during the morning/evening and warm during the day. For this time of the year, in Argentina is fall / winter. Hunnters can expect mild temperatures during the March/April stag season Similar to mid fall in the South East. Day time temperatures can reach the 70’s with morning lows in the high 40’s on average. It rarely rains during the March/April time frame but hunters after late season trophies in May can experience some rain.
Clothes: hunting jacket, hunting trousers, shooting gloves, cap (all the mention items, requires camo), lightweight boots, a polar sweatshirt or warm jacket (the temperature decreases at night).
Other equipment: polarized sunglasses, insect repellent, sunblock SPF 40 or higher, shirts and vest, set of underwear, good comfortable socks, an extra pair of sandals or sneakers. Miscellaneous: photo camera, video camera, batteries, prescribed medicines, personal effects.

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